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Teachers' Training College, Feni: A short account
Teachers' Training College, Feni was initially established as a Junior college of Education in 1962 and awarded a two year degree named I.Ed i.e. Intermediate in Education. In 1970 the Junior college of Education upgraded and renamed as College of Education and awarded a three years course with a graduation degree named BA in Education (Bachelor of Arts in Education)A few years later, after the emergence of Bangladesh i.e., in 1976 the College of Education was again renamed as Teachers' Training College, Feni to provide bachelor degree in education to the teacher of secondary schools.

Teachers' Training College, Feni: An equal Growth

Teachers' Training College, Feni underwent several changes over the last decade to meet the changing needs of time in the educational system of secondary education in Bangladesh. As an equal Teachers' Training College of Bangladesh, Feni is currently providing a number of training courses for Secondary and higher secondary level